Paul Richard

Associate professor, Polytech Angers, France

Dr. Paul Richard is currently a associate professor at Polytech Angers,

where he is responsible for the Human-Machine Interface and Virtual Reality section.

Paul Richard is full member of the LARIS Laboratory (University of Angers, France) and conduct research activities in virtual and augmented reality since about 30 years.


He obtained his PHD in 1996 at the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Laboratoire de Robotique de Paris).

His work on human interaction and performance in a virtual environment, supervised

by Philippe Coiffet (member of the Academy of Technology) and Greg Burdea

were carried out at CAIP (Center for Advanced Information Processing, Rutgers University, USA).

Paul Richard has contributed to the organization of various international conferences.

the creation of HUCAPP (International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Theory and Application).